Sell gourmet coffee and your group keeps up to 50% of the sale!
  • Easy ordering and organized pickup for your organization
  • Whole Bean and K-Cups aAvailable
  • Coffee is roasted FRESH with many options available
  • Presonalized label for one-pound coffee bags with your organization’s logo


What is Roscoe’s Coffee Fundraising?

Roscoe’s Coffee provides a unique fundraising opportunity to strengthen our community by supporting various sports organizations, youth groups, schools, churches, faith-based groups, and other organizations to raise money for their cause by selling FRESH whole bean coffee, K-cups and hot chocolate to their friends, family, and community members.

Where does your coffee come from?

Our coffee is roasted FRESH in Richland, Washington. Roscoe’s Coffee provides coffee from Treasure Valley Coffee which has been family owned and locally owned for nearly 30 years!

Is your coffee made fresh?

YES! OF COURSE, IT IS! We will not begin roasting your order until we have received your order guides from your organization. Because we roast per order and create a personized label for your organization, we have a 2-week turnaround time.

How long is the coffee good for?

Vacuum-sealed whole bean coffee will last at least 6 months if stored correctly. Once the bag is opened, we recommend using within 2 weeks for optimal freshness.

Can I get the coffee ground?

At this time you may bring your purchase into Roscoe’s, and we will personally grind your whole bean coffee for your preferred brewing style.

How much is each pound or k-cup box?

1# whole bean coffee & 2# hot chocolate-$20.00

24 pack K-Cups- $25.00

How much do I earn back for my organization?

Selling 1 # bags will earn 50% and K-Cups bring back 40% back to your organization!

How many are in each K-cup box?

There are 24 k-cups in each box.

Are there any upfront costs associated?

There are not any upfront costs to your organization!

Is there a minimum order required?

At this time there is not a minimum order required.

How quickly can you set up our event?

We have a quick turnaround! Once you fill out the information sheet about your organization, we will have your sales packets ready to go within days!

How long do you recommend for the fundraiser to run?

We recommend selling for 2 weeks. But we can accommodate your requests as well. We find that having a firm cut off order date is important on both parties’ sides. We will determine that together before your organization starts selling.

How do we receive our orders? 

We will make it easy for you! Roscoe’s will put together your order and break it up by participant.

We ask that you come pick it up at Roscoe’s Coffee – 2003 Logston Blvd Richland, WA – on our agreed-on date.

What are the payment options?

We can accept cash or a lump-sum check from the association. If other arrangements need to be made, please reach out to us by using the contact form on the right.

Have additional questions? Contact us!

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